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There are many lessons hidden within The Making of Us story, lessons that can help you become the person you are made to be. To help unearth and apply them to your life, here are some practical exercises, podcasts and other tools you might find helpful. More to come!


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Read the backstory: Resurrection Year


Why You Should Consider Doing a Pilgrimage

How to Prepare for a Pilgrimage

Our Original Lindisfarne-Durham Itinerary


Rest and Retreat

Do You Need a Fallow Year?


Hearing God’s Voice

Three Keys to Hearing God’s Voice

Seven Ways God Might Be Speaking to You


Journalling and Other Practices

Why You Should Keep a Journal (But Not Every Day)

A Simple Rhythm for a Profound Spiritual Life

Ten Ways to Simplify Your Life

Five Practices for a Resilient Life


Discovering Your Gifts

Let Hilda Help You Discover Your Gifts

Discover Your Purpose By Uncovering Your SHAPE



Twelve Questions to Help You Find a New Dream

Six Tests for a God-Given Dream

When Do You Let a Dream Die?


Recycling Pain

A Journey Through Broken Dreams Film

How and When to Share Your pain With Others


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