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The Resilient DVD

During a particularly challenging time in my life, I began reading Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount in depth. What I found there captured my soul and changed me deeply. The result was a book and audiobook called Resilient, and a video series that has helped scores of churches, small groups and individuals.

In 6 interactive sessions plus an introductory episode, I walk you through the key parts of the Sermon on the Mount, highlighting its timeless principles while sharing some new stories and experiences not found in the Resilient book. In the Resilient DVD you’ll find everything you need to develop a bold, resilient life. It’s chief aim is to help you become confident in your faith and bounce back from hardship.

  • 6 Sessions plus introduction
  • Approx. 65 mins duration
  • Includes printed study guide
  • New material not found in the book
  • Perfect for small group study or church teaching series

Want a taste of the DVD? Here you go…

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Sessions Overview

Session 1: Your Invitation

An eccentric lady on a bus and the greatest invitation ever given

Session 2: Your Calling

An embarrassing moment of mine and why Jesus loves to use nobodies

Session 3: Your Relationships

Cuddle Parties, glossy magazines, and how to really make relationships work

Session 4: Your Practices

A girl named Mimi and a prayer that can save her life (and yours)

Session 5: Your Choices

Broad roads, narrow paths, and my story of finding faith (my favourite episode)

Session 6: Your Resilient Life

How to withstand the storms of life

The Resilient DVD is Here! Watch the First Session Now

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Other Resources

Resilient 3D Cover (right-facing)If you’d rather read than watch, the Resilient print book offers hours of delight for your eyes and your soul
resilient-audiobook-3d-cover-right-facingAnd the Resilient audiobook is perfect for daily inspiration on the run

Special Thanks


We had a lot of fun shooting this series. My special thanks go to Dave Gavette for producing the project (and keeping us supplied with peanut butter cups on set), Andy Rogers for his help on the scripts, Braden Jobson for the great camera work, Natasha Peterman for set design and makeup (not that there was much makeup, I swear), Josh Mosey for helping on the day, John van der Veen for giving the project the go ahead, and the staff of The Cheney Place in Grand Rapids, Michigan, for providing a funky place to film.


And because I trust you, here’s a rare behind-the-scenes shot of the team doing their best to get me ready for filming. They make look like a conservative bunch, but they’re wild inside. I’m still grieving the loss of those curly locks too!

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