Christian Literature Festival

I'll be speaking at this festival run by St Andrews Bookshop. Other wonderful guests include Bob Hartman, Simon Guillebaud, Andy Kind, Amy Boucher Pye, Ruth Rice, Andrew Ollerton, Rachel Newham, Paula Gooder, Paul Kerensa, Justyn Reese Larcombe, Patrick Regan, Will van der hart, Simon Ponsonby. Details TBC.

Power of Friendship at Keswick Convention

Keswick Rawnsley Centre, Keswick, United Kingdom

As part of our Power of Friendship festivals tour, Phil Knox and I will be speaking at this large conference, drawing several thousand people, over two days.

CS Lewis Summer Institute

I am thrilled to be speaking at the prestigious CS Lewis Summer Institute in 2025, held in Belfast, Ireland. The theme will be Returning Home: C.S. Lewis, Roots, & Transformation. Details to come.