038 Adrian Plass Turns the Tables on Me

With Adrian and Bridget Plass in 2011

You may know Adrian Plass as Britain’s best-selling Christian author-poet-humourist, with over 1 million sales to his name. You may know that he and his wife Bridget played a significant part in Resurrection Year coming about. You may also know that I’ve interviewed him a few times. Well, in this episode of More Than This you’ll discover Adrian Plass the interviewer. While co-leading a writers retreat recently, Adrian thought he’d get his revenge and ask me some questions. The result was a lot of fun.

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In the Podcast

The setting was Scargill House in the gorgeous Yorkshire Dales. The audience was a group of talented aspirant and published writers. The theme for the weekend was ‘Panning for Gold’ on how writers can find the gold in their stories worth sharing with others. In this podcast you’ll get a taste of the weekend as:

  • Adrian and Bridget do a hilarious skit about a trip to Australia
  • Adrian asks me for interview tips (he’s already doing them)
  • I ask Adrian if he remembers our first interview in 2001 (oh dear)
  • Adrian gets me to share an experience of divine guidance
  • I share the problem with interviewing church ministers
  • Adrian and I chat about when we do and don’t get nervous while speaking
  • I share why I believe people long for God without realising it
  • Adrian asks which I’d rather give up: writing, speaking or broadcasting

Each night of the retreat storyteller Amy Robinson closed the day with an entertaining ‘bedtime story’ and I’ve included one of these at the end. As you’ll hear, the whole weekend was a lot of fun.

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  • Book: [amazon_link id=”0849964806″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Resurrection Year[/amazon_link] (see Adrian and Bridget’s part in chapter 8)
  • Podcast: My first interview with Adrian Plass in 2001
  • Link: Scargill House
  • Link: Amy Robinson


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