Like many, I watched speechless as events in Afghanistan unfolded. Taliban flags raised over Kabul, desperate crowds chasing planes down runways. Better minds than mine can assign blame. All I’ve been able to do is recall a moment of refuge and turn it into a prayer.

I’m not one for breaking rules. In fact, when I found myself walking my dog in a ‘No dogs allowed’ park once, I went and handed myself in! And when it comes to wearing masks and keeping to social distancing rules during lockdown, I've been about as stringent as you can be. So as you'll

The regent honeyeater bird is in trouble—it's losing its song. Once an abundant species in south-eastern Australia, now just 300 remain, and with so few mates to learn from, the males are forgetting their own song and trying to mimic the songs of other birds instead—leaving the female honeyeaters confused and their numbers in decline. Losing

So, after that interview, are you Team Markle or Team Windsor? You have made your mind up already, right? After Oprah's interview with Harry and Meghan, public discussion has been polarised. On Monday I heard activists swear that British royalty was inherently racist on the basis of Meghan's claims alone, while tabloid newspapers, unable to tolerate any criticism of the

I write this with a heavy heart, as heavy as yours may already be from the revelations of Ravi Zacharias' hidden life. If you hadn't heard of him, Zacharias was considered one of this era's greatest Christian apologists. If you haven't heard the news, an independent investigation found he had systematically groomed vulnerable women over many years,