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We all sense there’s more to life than this, but where is that ‘more’ to be found? More Than This is a podcast on life, faith and spirituality. Listen in to explore love, loss, pain, beauty, our quest to find meaning in life and where faith fits into it all, while hearing from some of the world’s most intriguing personalities.


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Music provided by Adam Fielding and Jason Donnelly. All rights reserved. My thanks to Hope Media for use of the Open House interviews used in this podcast.

A Conversation on Finding Your Deeper Identity and Purpose

When you can’t become who you want to be, you can still become who you’re meant to be. And the person you’re meant to be is so much bigger than you’ve dreamed. In the last few weeks I have done dozens of radio interviews across the US, UK and Australia sharing lessons like this from my book The Making of Us. Here is one of my favourites. In this far-reaching conversation, Susie Larson and I discuss the difference between primary and secondary callings, how fixating on our past achievements can blind us to what God is doing in and through us now, how to leave a legacy, and more. I hope you get as much out of this conversation as I did. More…

Touched by God Through a Truck Driver’s Hands

One surreal morning some months ago, Merryn and I woke to the news that her father had been taken to hospital following a serious car crash, and my father had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. To complicate matters, my dad is also my mother’s full-time carer, and they all live in Australia. With both parents now needing care, and us so far away, some stressful days followed. But then a man named Helmut stepped into our lives. Here’s what happened next. More…

Leather-Clad Preacher to Outlaws: The John Smith Interview (1942-2019)

In recent days the world has lost a great hero of the faith. John Smith, legendary Australian preacher, commentator, evangelist and founder of the God’s Squad Motorcycle Club has died after a long battle with cancer. He addressed the United Nations, nearly faced execution in the Philippines, and followed a radical call to reach outlaw bikers and the marginalised with the gospel. But in his early years he was anything but the radical. In this 2007 interview you’ll hear how the once racist youth became a leather-clad preacher of peace, all because of the ‘unconditional, indiscriminiative’ love of Jesus. More…

May I Read My Book to You? Listen Now to The Making of Us Audiobook!

What makes us who we are? How do we adjust when things don’t go as we hoped? Can we recover if we make a choice that’s less than perfect? In The Making of Us I explore these questions and more by telling a story of two friends walking through the rugged beauty of England’s north. May I read some of this story to you? The Making of Us releases on March 19 (April 16 in Australia) in paperback and now in audiobook too! Here are the first two chapters for you to listen to FREE. I can’t wait for you to hear the bit where God shows up in the motel room. And when I get to walk on the clouds. And when the seals start singing. And when I start to discover there’s more to us than our job titles. Go on. Take a listen. More…

The Hand That Spins the Galaxies Wants You Here. Introducing The Creed

One autumn morning not long ago, I walked to an Oxford cafe, took a window table, and pulled out my journal. I wanted to craft a statement – a creed of sorts – that would pull together what I’d learned while writing my new book The Making of Us. Something that captured what matters most in life. Something to read regularly to guide me forward. After many scribbled phrases and crossings out, I arrived at this: The Creed. Today we release it publicly, crafted into a beautiful video by Tyler Jackson, and ready to download as a print for your wall or smartphone. The hand that spins the galaxies wants you here… More…

When You Stop Repeating the Lies and Start Believing What God Says About You

A troubled home life. Feelings of insecurity. A longing for love. Self-hatred. For Malcolm Duncan these feelings developed into a destructive morning mantra he would repeat in the mirror throughout his earliest years. Then one night he had an experience that changed everything. Malcolm’s moving story shows what can happen when we stop repeating lies about ourselves and start believing who God believes us to be. What lies are you believing, and what will you replace them with? More…

A Simple Tool to Help You Make Sense of Life

Woman Writing by Hannah Olinger

According to the experts, writing in a journal can help you reduce stress, increase creativity, solve problems, and manage conflict. I’ve also found it to be an incredibly helpful tool for making sense of our personal histories. In this season of New-Year reflection, here are four key themes a journal can help you track to bring clarity to your experience. More…

What Was That First Christmas Like? This Might Give Us a Clue

I was struck with wonder recently on a cold, rainy night in London, when I came across a dozen angels—made of thousands of pulsing lights, hovering above Regent Street. It’s the most jaw-dropping Christmas display I’ve seen. It got me thinking about what that very first Christmas was like, and the sense of awe that’s central to the story. More…

How to Deal With Trolls (Hint: Don’t Get Even and Don’t Give In)

Woman typing on laptop

The surprising thing about talking publicly about childlessness, is the level of abuse that’s come alongside the messages of gratitude. While many have thanked me for bringing it into the open, an equal number have seen fit to get nasty. I could let it get to me, or I could hit back – but I’ve found a better way to respond… More…

The One Thing Men Can’t Talk Openly About Yet. But What if We Did?

Last year I took part in a piece for a breakfast TV show. As the cameraman and I were driving to the filming location, he told me a story. “Last night some mates and I were in the pub,” he said, “and the conversation turned to depression. It turns out some of the guys are on antidepressants. We could never have had that conversation a decade ago. We’d have been too afraid of looking weak.” The cameraman and I agreed much progress had been made in men being able to discuss their problems without fear or shame. But I had a hunch there was one topic still too taboo for us to talk about with each other. So I put it to him. Perhaps breaking this taboo will be the next stage of progress in men’s health. More…