You Can Experience God

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Sheridan speaking at Riverview Church, Perth

It might be a spectacular sunset. A kind deed by a stranger. Or maybe a random “aha moment” that leaves you sensing there’s more to this life than what you can see. Something bigger. Perhaps Someone bigger. Could we have encounters with the divine without realising it? Could God be written into our story like a secondary character we haven’t paid much attention to? I believe so, and for over a decade it has been my keen interest to explore how.

The Book

 Unseen Footprints ODB 3D Study Guide right-facing 540w Unseen Footprints opens our spiritual eyes to the activity of God all around us. By exploring feelings common to us all—pain, yearning, doubt, awe—we can see the possibility of a real God who is there. And who cares.

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Speaking Topics

I speak regularly at conferences, churches, university chapels, retreats and others events around the world and would love to address your event with one of these topics:

Spotting the Unseen Footprints of God

Seven Ways God May Be Speaking to You

 A Simple Rhythm for a Profound Spiritual Life

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I am regularly in the media discussing faith topics like these, having been featured on BBC Radio 2, Moody Radio, 100 Huntley Street, and many other print and broadcast outlets. In addition to the topics above, I can address:

The power of keeping a personal journal

How to prepare for a pilgrimage

The ancient prayer that can change your life

Six tests for a God-given dream

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