Unseen Footprints (Audiobook)

Winning the Christian Book of the Year award on its first Australian release, this unabridged recording of Unseen Footprints is perfect for listening on the go. Could God be written into the drama of our lives as if played by a secondary character or an extra that we haven’t paid much attention to? Come and find out.

    • An unabridged reading of Unseen Footprints by the author
    • Includes guided reflection exercises
    • Listen to Unseen Footprints as you travel to work, walk, jog, visit the gym
    • Immediate digital download (3 hours 48 minutes)

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About the Book

Unseen Footprints is more than an award-winning book—it’s a journey about opening our spiritual eyes to see the activities of God around us. Learn more by visiting the Unseen Footprints book page

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