Woman walking through derelict building

How God Redeems Broken Dreams (New Video Live from London)

Woman walking through derelict building
Picture by Andrew Amistad

Dreams. We all have them. Perhaps it’s to become an actor or artist, an architect or engineer, to start a business or compete for our country, or maybe to simply get married and have a family. By the time we reach our 40s most of us have had an opportunity to see some of these dreams spring into life. Or perhaps to have watched some of them die. The good news is, even those broken dreams can become something beautiful.

A New Video for You

This of course has been a signature message for me over the last couple of years, ever since my book Resurrection Year was released. And this message has taken me around the world: to the US, UK, Australia, South Africa and beyond. While I’ve released audio of this message before, and a documentary was even done on the story, no conference video has been available of late. Now there is.

What you’ll see above was recorded at the 2015 Premier Woman to Woman conference, held at London’s historic Central Hall. (I was the only male speaker at an event of 1600 women. Can you imagine the pressure?)

The Wilderness, Where God Meets Us

Small group walking on desert sand dunes

Picture by Luca Zanon

The core of this message is the notion of the ‘wilderness’ – the dark and barren place of longing and loss – and the surprising lesson that it can be the best place for God to meet us.

In the wilderness God reveals to us what’s most important.

In the wilderness God reveals who we most deeply are.

In the wilderness God prepares us for a new life mission.



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  • November 16, 2016
    Tony Voysey

    That is brilliant! You have great composure, compassion, and the ability to hold an audience. I love your easy manner and use of pauses. Thank you for your ministry. Were I a woman, I would really appreciate your words. Even as a mere male, I found my eyes starting to leak!

    • November 16, 2016

      Let’s not think about you as a woman :). Thanks heaps!

      • March 21, 2017
        Clare Alice


  • March 11, 2017

    Great message Sheridan. Myself and my husband have a similar story, moved from U.K. to Australia in 2011 and decided to start trying for family, 5 yrs later after no success we tried IVF, unbelievably fell pregnant first time (thought that was a God thing), only to be told major abnormalities at 13 weeks, baby was not going to survive. We had to make heartbreaking decision which I won’t go into here – that’s a story in itself. I am walking through the wilderness right now and dragging God into my situation, its easy to shut him out – I’m ready for a new beginning. Looking forward to catching your conference at Sunshine Coast, we live in Brisbane now and also came from near Oxford! Miss sipping ports by the fire, dream to return one day, but enjoying sunshine for now! Thank you for your honesty, I heard of you through care for the family as my friend works there.


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