004 Why Does God Hide? [Podcast]

Why is God invisible? Why doesn’t he ‘appear’ in front of us? Even when he does appear, as he did plenty of times to the Israelites, he comes disguised as a pillar of cloud, a whisper, or a burning bush. Even Jesus – God in human form – wasn’t instantly recognisable after his resurrection. Why is so God hidden?

In short, God hides so we will seek him. He scatters a trail of breadcrumbs, enticing us to discover who scattered them.

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In the Talk

In this talk, given at Oxford Community Church earlier this month, I draw from the stories of Mary Magdalene, Cleopas, Peter and Thomas who all have Jesus appear to them after his resurrection. Through them I explore:

  • The two great questions of the scepticWhy does God remain hidden? (‘If God would just appear in front of me, then I would believe’), and If God is good, why is there suffering? (‘If he wants to stop it but can’t, he’s not powerful. If he can but won’t, he’s not good.’)
  • The fact that these are not just the questions of the sceptic, but often of the believer who is experiencing life’s ‘shadows’ – prolonged seasons of grief, disappointment, shame or doubt.
  • A surprising twist to these questions. God’s hiddenness and our suffering turn out to be the very ways in which God reveals himself to us. 

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