During a particularly challenging time in my life, I began reading Jesus' famous Sermon on the Mount in depth. What I found there captured my soul and changed me deeply. The result was 'Resilient'. You've heard about the book and audiobook—now, the DVD. And the first session's FREE.

How can you stay strong when the storms of life hit? To find out, plug in your headphones, and take a 90-day AUDIO journey with me through Jesus' Sermon On the Mount. Yes friends, after weeks of recording and editing, the 'Resilient' audiobook is here—an unabridged recording of my devotional that will recalibrate your callings,

The stories come almost every day: terror groups like ISIS destroying lives and using every form of intimidation to get implement their radical vision for the world. How should we respond? I believe Jesus has something powerful to say to the problem, but his words need to be carefully understood before being applied.

'Watch him. Watch this child, who grows into a boy, who grows into a man, and is found to be so much more. Watch as he is born—with angelic visitations and bright lights in the sky. Watch as he grows—in favour and stature, and pursues his calling from heaven.' As 2014 ends, I wish you