Hearing God

061 Three Questions to Ask When God Seems Silent

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Although Merryn and I tried to start a family for 10 years, and sought God diligently the whole time, one of the most perplexing things about our journey was God’s silence. We heard him speak on other things during that time, but never on our pursuit of a family. It was hard. Biblical heroes experienced this struggle too. So if you’re facing the silence of God, you’re not alone. But just because God is staying silent, doesn’t mean he is absent. Here’s 3 helpful questions to ask yourself when the silence comes. More…

060 Reading the Bible with Your Heart and Mind

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It’s one thing to read the Bible with our eyes and our mind—and another thing to truly engage our heart. But if the Bible is God’s primary way of communicating with us, it makes sense to learn to read it deeply. Here are some keys to reading God’s word from Celebration of Discipline author Richard Foster, with a few tips of my own. He talks about the importance of reading with both the mind AND the heart. More…

059 Seven Ways God Might Be Speaking To You

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In Scripture we find God speaking through peals of thunder, pillars of cloud, flaming bushes, even donkeys. He used prophets, angels, the beauty of creation, the coming of Jesus. God is surely a communicating God.

But in the 21st century, how might we expect him to speak to us personally about our everyday, modern, Western lives?

Here are seven ways… More…

058 How to Hear God’s Voice – Three Keys

Listening To The Light by Derek Swanson

Life’s full of big questions. Should I marry? If so, who? Take that job? Buy that house? Is this the career for me? Which church is the right one? And which city should I settle in? If we believe there’s a God who cares and wants to guide our big decisions, we need to know how to hear his voice. Here’s some keys to get started. More…

Hearing the Whispers of God


God is calling us, trying to get our attention. But he rarely shouts to make himself heard. Instead, he whispers to us. Before we’ve even opened a Bible he has been drawing, beckoning, whispering. Will we stop to hear him? Will we even attempt to hear his voice? Here are four ways he whispers to us and how we can learn to listen. Episode 4 in the Unseen Footprints article and podcast series. More…