I have no idea why, but when anything gets too popular, I lose interest. Hip Hop was cool until it went mainstream. I ignored The Hunger Games, have never watched Eastenders, and haven’t seen Barbie (but I have seen Oppenheimer—I’m not always consistent). And so when I found Anthony Doerr’s globally-popular Pulitzer Prize-winning novel All

In 2010, an 80-year-old antiques dealer named Forrest Fenn walked into the Rocky Mountains, dug a hole, and buried an ornate box full of his finest treasures. Whoever stumbled upon the box would get to keep all the gold, jewellery and gems it contained—over $1 million worth. If the game wasn’t already fun enough, Fenn gave

Friendship is essential for our wellbeing, yet more people are reporting having few or even no friends. To help address this need, we at Friendship Lab are designing an evidence-based course to help us all form and deepen adult friendships. Three years of preparation have gone into its design, and pilots will soon be run.