057 The Resilient Life [Keynote Talk]

It’s easy to feel insignificant in a world were one’s worth can be measured in Facebook likes. It’s easy to feel small in a world that values power, platform and popularity. It’s easy to feel weak in a world with so much violence. But there is One who takes the weak, small and insignificant things of the world and turns them into history-shaping change agents. He wants to do that with you and me.

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The Ultimate Guide to Resilient Living

In this keynote talk recorded at Oxford Community Church I share the stories of a KKK leader, a black preacher, a seventh-century farmhand, one of my own most humiliating moments (ouch!) and more to suggest that Jesus’ famous Sermon on the Mount is the ultimate guide to resilient living. As I explore here (and more fully in the book) this is because:

It begins with an invitation…

… for all the ‘wrong’ people to find life and acceptance

It continues with a calling…

… for little people to become great

It includes a challenge…

… for us to transform evil with love

And it ends with a promise…

… that if we put Jesus’ words into practice, we will be resilient


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