022 After the Wilderness, a New Beginning [Podcast]

Can anything good come out of painful experiences like the loss of a loved one, the loss of a career, unwanted singleness, infertility, personal failure or other broken dreams? I believe so. In fact, I’ve experienced it.

In Resurrection Year I describe these difficult seasons of life as ‘wilderness’ experiences. In this talk, recorded at Parramatta Baptist Church during my Australian speaking tour, I share Merryn’s and my wilderness journey (in more detail than I have before), and explore how God makes the wilderness a place of surprising revelation, provision and discovery for us all.

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In the Talk

Question: Have you ever had a ‘wilderness’ experience? Tell me about it

The wilderness can be a sad, dry, barren place for sure. But using lessons learnt by the ancient Hebrews through their own historic journey, I explore the wilderness as also:

  • A Place of Revelation where what’s in our hearts is most truly revealed
  • A Place of Provision where God fulfills our needs in surprising ways
  • A Place of Discovery where we find an identity that can withstand every loss
  • A Place of Transition where we enter a new phase in our life’s mission


‘God may not answer every prayer with a miracle, but He does answer a few with a surprise’ Tweet this

‘In the wilderness we discover who we most truly are – children of God, our Father‘ Tweet this

‘A greater tragedy than a broken dream is a life forever defined by one’ Tweet this

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  1. I am taking bookings for a 2014 UK and US Resurrection Year speaking tour now. If you are interested in having me speak at your conference, church or other event, please get in touch. You can find more about my speaking here.

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Question: Have you ever had a ‘wilderness’ experience? Tell me about it

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