Max Lucado

Open House Volume 1 Free Chapter: Max Lucado

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In this free chapter from Open House Volume 1, best-selling author Max Lucado shares about his life, faith, the people who have most influenced him, and how you can find your ‘sweet spot’ to live a focussed, meaningful life.

Open House Volume 1

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This first collection of Sheridan Voysey’s ‘best’ Open House interviews includes some profound lessons on life. Max Lucado will help you find your life’s calling; Philip Yancey will let you into his writing secrets; you’ll smile at Adrian Plass’s description of church life, cry with John Smith as he fears never seeing his children again, ponder the emptiness that once plagued Marina Prior’s soul, and throughout the book, hear how people with faith and tenacity are leaving an indelible mark on this world. More…