Celebrating 10 Years of Resurrection Year with a New Audiobook!

In 2013 I released a book. Little did Merryn and I know what was to come. That book opened doors to speak on stages and in studios across the world, spawned a documentary film, inspired artworks (even a music album), prompted other books to be written, and helped to heal many broken hearts. Merryn and I never knew how sharing our own pain in Resurrection Year would help others release theirs. Over a decade later, I still get emails from readers telling me how the book has changed their lives.

Even the Amazon reviews are telling:

This book spoke to me when no one else could” ~ Monica

“This book has changed our lives immensely and helped us move forward with God” ~ Amazon Customer

 “I wept many times during reading. . . because the book is so beautifully written” ~ E Watkins

Finally in Audio!

Resurrection Year has been the most fruitful book I’ve written. But while it’s always been available in paperback and ebook, it’s never been released as an audiobook! On Resurrection Year’s tenth anniversary it’s time to correct that. Let’s spend a few hours together learning to start again from our broken dreams. Here’s a sample:

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No Regrets (Phew!)

It can be daunting re-reading something you wrote a decade ago. We grow, times change. Would there any parts of Resurrection Year that hadn’t aged well, or any sections I’d now cringe at? I’m delighted to say, no. I actually found myself moved! As you might already know, this wasn’t the book I expected (or even wanted) to write, but when I did, there was a grace given that I can still feel today. Thank you God.

A few months after Resurrection Year came out, someone asked if there was anything I regretted including in it (as it is a vulnerable book). I said, no. What a relief to still feel that way all these years later. Especially having seen what freedom honesty can release in others.

Some Favourite Scenes

Some of my favourite scene to read were:

  • Chapter 3: Deliberating on which books to pack or leave as we prepared to move to the UK, and whether to take the egg cup and egg flip I made in high school or not. Fun moments after so much turmoil!
  • Chapter 3’s final paragraphs: As we lift into the air, we are lifted to a new life
  • Chapter 5: It finds Merryn and I trying to work out why God didn’t give us children. Many readers say it’s an important chapter for them too, whatever their broken dream, helping them arrive at answers while making peace with the unanswerable
  • The final sentences: Simple but meaning something deeper when juxtaposed with the book’s opening lines

About Resurrection Year

Your dream might be over, but your life isn’t

Embrace your broken dream as a chance for a new beginning and see how a “Resurrection Year” can restore your soul.

After ten years of tear-soaked prayers and repeatedly dashed hopes, Sheridan Voysey and his wife come to a heart-breaking conclusion: their dream of having a child is over. Empty and confused from a decade of disappointment, they leave their jobs, pack their bags, and embark on a journey in search of restoration.

Voysey chronicles the couple’s return to life. From the streets of Rome to the Basilicas of Paris, from the Alps of Switzerland to their new home in Oxford, Voysey and his wife begin the healing process while wrestling with their doubts about God’s goodness. Voysey’s story is beautiful, uplifting, and deeply thoughtful, assuring us that even after the most dead and shattered of dreams can come wonderful, invigorating new life.

The kind of book that haunts you after you’ve read it” ~ Sheila

A Book of Hope

  • Offers real and universal hope for those who have faced disappointment
  • For anyone who has experienced a broken dream, whether it be unwanted singleness, infertility, the loss of a loved one or the loss of a career
  • Shares the emotive, poetic, and at times humorous discovery of the healing qualities of beauty, friendship, and love

One-part spiritual memoir and one-part love story, Resurrection Year is an honest, heart-felt book about recovering from broken dreams and reconciling with a God who is sometimes silent but never absent.

Some books are well written. Just a few, like this one, are beautifully written” ~ Peter Horsfall

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Thank You

Resurrection Year marked a turning point in my life and Merryn’s. It was the catalyst for discovering what the word ‘redemption’ really meant as we got to live it and see it happen in readers, listeners and audience members’ lives. It launched an unexpected mission that continues to this day. And it wouldn’t have happened without people like you buying the book, giving it to others, and sharing your own deep, often untold, stories too.

Thank you.

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  • November 14, 2023
    Vivienne Voysey

    God had so much more in mind for you both to do. When you see what these past ten years have produced it is breathtaking to see how God works in His mysterious ways His wonders to perform.

    • November 14, 2023
      Sheridan Voysey

      Indeed. A wild, wonderful ride!

  • November 14, 2023

    By far the scene that sticks with me most is the one with your sponsor child when you have to say goodbye. Heart wrenching.

    • November 15, 2023
      Sheridan Voysey

      Oh yeah, that was a special, difficult, painful, beautiful moment.

  • November 14, 2023

    I remember reading your book many years ago. The most vulnerable part for me was Merryn’s reaction to the last fertility attempt which she had pinned her hopes on and then it didn’t come through. She was devastated and you too. I remember the part where you wrote that she curled up into a fetal position in deep pain. That I thought would have been the most difficult part for you to write and for her to read.

    • November 15, 2023
      Sheridan Voysey

      That was perhaps the darkest moment of all, but also the turning point for things getting better (thankfully!). Thanks Angela.


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