Let’s Talk About Identity

Each of us play many roles in life, which each contribute to our identity. But what if you can’t take on the role you always wanted, or lose one that you’ve played so well? Thankfully, there is an identity available to each of us that can never be lost. I had known about this identity, even written and spoken about it. But it was only when my own sense of identity collapsed that I realised how precious this divine identity was – being a child of God.

Here’s my experience, told as part of Our Daily Bread’s Season of Stories. If this whets your appetite for more, my book The Making of Us explores identity in detail. And if you’re looking for a daily devotional with a global feel, subscribe to Our Daily Bread or check out their video devotionals. They’re all free.

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  • December 21, 2021
    Elaine Walters

    Thank you Sheridan for talking so openly about identity. You have helped me a lot. I really look forward to the devotionals etc that I will receive and also thank you for The Creed. Hope you and your lovely wife Merrryn have a beautiful Christmas together and a healthy happy New Year. All best wishes Elaine .

  • January 2, 2022
    Keith Bower

    With my very part time employment now, I did feel a lack of identity. I have been endeavouring to develop my character, which I will take to my eternity and will characterise my identity. I have been attempting to build on my three pillars of my life (as per Rick Warren) on Integrity, Humility and Contribution, loving God and loving people.

  • April 23, 2022
    Ruth Grove

    Hi Sheridan. Loved your talks at SH! How can I sign up to the friendship lab you mentioned?


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