In a materialistic world, where can I find meaning?

In his book [amazon_link id=”1857885341″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]The Future Files[/amazon_link], futurist Richard Watson outlines five current world trends. One of them he describes as a ‘renewed search for personal meaning’.

In this 6-part video series I’m exploring social trends that suggest spiritual questions are bubbling up from the souls of secular countries like the UK, US and Australia. In this 8 minute video, Part 2, I look at the rise of workplace spirituality, voluntourism and consumerism, and suggest that they are part of what Richard Watson is talking about.

Catch up with the rest of the series:

  1. Introduction: Anxious Questions
  2. Question 1: In a materialistic world, where can I find meaning?
  3. Question 2: In a confusing world, where can I find guidance?
  4. Question 3: In a broken world, where can I find liberation?
  5. Question 4: In a lonely world, where can I find love?
  6. A Story

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Question: How else do you see us searching for meaning? Tell me now 

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