A 4-Part Conversation on Resurrection Year

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If you haven’t discovered it yet, FaithVillage.com is a neat social space offering a wide variety of online fun catering to all manner of interests. (In addition to iTunes, I publish my podcast there.) Recently FaithVillage’s Senior Editor Brad Russell interviewed me about Resurrection Year. Through this series of short video discussions, a lot of Merryn’s and my story comes out.

Part 1: 10 Years in the Wilderness

In part 1 I recount the decade-long struggle Merryn and I faced with infertility, adoption, and how Merryn and I survived the stress of it all on our marriage.

Part 2: Farewell to What has Been

When does a couple decide that enough is enough? Here I share the agonising cycle of expectation and disappointment that ultimately had to come to an end if we were ever going to move forward.

Part 3: Charting the Course for a Resurrection Year

As Merryn and I move from Australia to England we seek out opportunities for emotional and spiritual healing, taking us from the streets of Rome to the Alps of Switzerland.

Part 4: Positively Crucified

For Merryn, arriving in Oxford is like entering the promised land after the wilderness journey. For me, it’s a little different! Here I share a bit of the personal struggle that ensued and some of what I learnt about trusting God through it.

Thanks Brad

This was an enjoyable interview conducted by someone who had read the book thoroughly and asked insightful questions. Thanks Brad.

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