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As I hear from more and more readers of Resurrection Year, a common theme is developing: people are unsure what to do with their lives (or the rest of their lives). They’re unsure of their calling. If you’ve read Resurrection Year you’ll know my once-settled sense of vocation was thrown in the air following events that led to our move to the UK – so I’ve felt this hunger too. The topic of discovering your calling and mission in life therefore seems a topic to explore this year on this blog and podcast.

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Two Themes for 2014

Question: How did you discover what to do with your life? Tell me now

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. I finished 2013 quite exhausted so took a few weeks off this month to renovate the lounge room (the therapeutic results of which you can see here) and take a retreat to get some clarity on what 2014 should be about. Out of that time with God came a desire to start work on the next book, and a plan to speak in the US (in October – details to come!). I also had some clarity on what to explore on this blog.

Theme 1: Discovering Your Life Calling

Almost everyone wrestles with this question at some point in their lives, and usually more than once. What is a ‘calling’ and how do you ‘hear’ one? Is a calling the same as a career or different? Are we called to one unique task or to many? This year you’ll hear these and other questions explored on the More Than This podcast (subscribe!). It may also be the theme of my next book. Expect to hear conversations:

  • On the meaning of life: Any calling we have comes after we answer the basic question of why we’re here in the first place. Coming next week
  • With Os Guinness: His book [amazon_link id=”0849944376″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]The Call[/amazon_link] is brilliant. We’ll discuss what a calling is and isn’t
  • With people who found their callings: People like Max Lucado, Tony Campolo, Catherine Hamlin, Richard Foster, Shane Claiborne and more, sharing their tips on how to discover your call

Theme 2: ‘My Resurrection Year’ Readers’ Stories

Nearly every other day I hear from someone who has read Resurrection Year and been helped to start again after their own broken dream. Some of these readers have overcome overwhelming circumstances, and others have experimented with their own Resurrection Year. I’ve been collecting their stories and believe you’ll find them inspiring, whether you’ve experienced a broken dream or not. You’ll read about:

  • Hannah, a Singaporean photographer who read Resurrection Year and decided to have her own. On Monday you’ll see some photographic results
  • Kate, who with her family had to start again after her husband was jailed for child abuse. Kate’s faith has touched me deeply
  • Anina, who wrote a poem inspired by Resurrection Year. A good one

(If you have a Resurrection Year story, please tell me about it. I’d love to feature you too)

We’ll explore other topics too, of course. But I hope these two themes will help inspire you through 2014.



  1. I am planning a Resurrection Year speaking tour through the US in October, and will be speaking throughout the UK also, including at Spring Harvest. If you’d like me to speak at your conference or event please get in touch soon.

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Question: How did you discover what to do with your life? Tell me now
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