040 Rethinking Celibacy for the Single Christian

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What do you think of when you hear the word ‘celibacy’? Do you think of monks, nuns, robes and rosary beads? Do you consider it the forced lifestyle of the ‘dateless’, or a relic of yesteryear morality? According to Wheaton College professor Christine Colon, all of our understandings of celibacy need a makeover:

Celibacy isn’t just about sex.

And singleness isn’t a life stage to be endured until the real thing (marriage) happens.

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With Bonnie Field, Christine Colon is the author of Singled Out: Why Celibacy Must Be Reinvented in Today’s Church. In this Open House interview, part of a larger series called The Single Life (see below), Christine and I discuss how both the world and the Church have misunderstood what celibacy is all about: 

Society Gets it Wrong

When it comes to sexuality, mainstream culture tells the single person that:

  • They’re incomplete without a partner
  • Sex outside of marriage is normative, as sex is a biological imperative and restraining from it is damaging and repressive

And the consequence of these messages? Christian singles (and other singles) can feel like cultural oddities if they’re not sexually active.

Church Gets it Wrong

However, the Church can send confusing messages on sexuality too, telling the single person that:

  • Sexual temptation can’t be resisted so flee from it or get married
  • They need to be married to be happy
  • If they are called to be single God will remove their romantic desires

And the consequence? Christian singles can feel like failures since they don’t have a spouse or the ‘gift’ of celibacy (as their continuing romantic desires obviously prove).

Throughout the interview Christine re-frames celibacy as an attitude of total dedication to God and offers some wonderful tips on how the single life can be lived well and how the Church can support Christian singles in this season of life. This was a frank discussion on sex, singleness and relationships that I hope you find helpful whether you’re single or married.


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