Resilient (Audiobook)

How can we stay strong when the storms of life hit? Rich with stories and deep with insight, this unabridged recording of the Resilient devotional is perfect for daily listening on the go. Take a 90-episode journey through Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount and recalibrate your callings, relationships, spiritual practices, and life choices to find resilience.

  • An unabridged reading of Resilient by the author
  • 90 short episodes—perfect for short, daily inspiration
  • Listen to Resilient as you travel to work, walk, jog, visit the gym
  • Immediate digital download (5 hours 23 minutes)

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About the Book

Resilient is a journey through the famous Sermon on the Mount that will help you develop spiritual, emotional and relational strength. Learn more by visiting the Resilient book page

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