Introducing the Resurrection Year Launch Team

Picture: MV Jantzen

My next book Resurrection Year launches on Tuesday May 28. Last week my publishers and I offered an opportunity for you to join the Resurrection Year Launch Team and read the book for free. Below is a list of team members with their Blog, Facebook or Twitter addresses (where given). Please show them some social media love!

Early Comments

‘I can’t put it down’

‘I am already in tears, and I’m only up to page 7’ 

’90 pages in and I’ve cried, laughed and smiled. Thanks for being so vulnerable’

‘I’ve been looking forward to reading this for almost a year and it’s better than I could have imagined’

‘Believe me, I don’t endorse everything that comes my way. This is well written and even more well lived’

‘Something that impacted me very deeply is the richness of your marriage relationship. You’re soul mates’

The Team 

Lynne McGranger:

Sherron Watkins:

Sr Catherine Wybourne:

Glenyss Barnham:

Tony Watkins:

Maggi Dawn:

Peter Ould:

Anita Mathias:

Joanna Holman:

John Donoghue:

Andre van Oudtshoorn: Perth Bible College

Jackie Randall:

Rodney Olsen:

Melanie Wellings:

Sara David:

Little Feet:

Nick Every:

Kevin Thow:

Jeanette O’Hagan:

Linda Harding:

Nathanael Small:

Kathy Johnston:

Kerrie Quee:

Rob Douglas:

Miranda Miller:

Michelle Wong:

David Pascoe:

Shona Sim:

Gillian Lunn:

Inge Tapan:

Kathy Isaacs:

Pam Webster:

Greg Baker:

David Kite:

Mike Rayson:

Ernie Feasey:

Roland Chua:

Andy Tirtadidjaja:

Wendy Cayless:

Martine Daniel:

Kerrie Hadley:

Hannah Walton:

KJ Gracie:

Jackie Bellfield: #nswarrington


Rachel Barr:

Melinda Clark:

Ursula Kuba:



Kevin Bourne-McRae:

Angel Lara:

Deb Rowling:

Mark Gladman:

Shelley Rodgers:

Lucy Jarasius:

Jamie Golden:

Ivan Green:

Fiona Gibson:

Steve Blundell:

Andy Tirtadidjaja:

Anna Floit:

Richard Allen:

Penelope Swithinbank:

Craig Maher:

Warwick Joseph:

Margaret Calvert:


Johannes Knijnenburg:


Melinda Tognini:

Julie Firmstone:

Edward Thomas:

Catherine Dyball:

Andrew Pitchford:

Joan Roose:

Mark Evans:

Rocco Scarcella:

Michelle Bryan: facebook/michelle.bryan.9

Noela Ollenburg:

Hedley Fihaki:

Sue Hamlet:

Pete Brookshaw:

Wendy Francis:

Valery Murphy:

Tracey Voysey:

Andrew Gaskill:

Lashitha Devadadon:

Joshua Withers:

Lyndal Mitchell:

Jill Samera:

Clare Chate:

Trish Riddell:

Neil Valentine:

Andrew Battistella:

Plus Grace Merrells, Michelle Sparkes, Heidi Goh, Jo Dunham, Karryn Goldsworthy, Travis Freeman, Shirley Sharp, Craig Glasheen, Kate Horton, Hendra Rahardja, Trinity, Rosalind Schmitz, Jarrod McKenna, Beverley Webster, Antony Billington, Sue Clarke, Julie Campbell, Matt, Dr. Wayne Weiler, Bronwyn Claughton, Rob, Paul Askin, Jay Jay Meyer, Roy Hurlstone, Jude Crank, Adam Walton, Garry G. Bourke, Virginia, Shin, Daniel Widdowson, Christine Ramsden, Rowena Siviour, Sarah-Jane Erickson, Matthew Goodall, David Sandberg, David Bartlett, Louise New, Steve McKenna, Flavie Ong-Alvarez, Susan Prarson, Kelly Ballucci-Heald.

Want to Join in?

You can be involved too! A couple of spots are still free on the Launch Team, and please feel free to share any of the following links with your family and friends:

Thank you in advance!


PS: Get ready for the launch event on May 28. We’re planning something fun.


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