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The research is startling: friendship decreases anxiety and depression, increases our lifespan, buffers us against addictions, and raises our happiness levels. All those coffee dates, weekend hikes and late-night chats help us face our adversities, choose our best paths, and discover who we are. And yet 1-in-4 of us has no close friends, a rate that is only increasing.

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  • June 21, 2022
    Louise Davidson

    My husband died January 7, 2021, 6 weeks after our 50th Wedding Anniversary. Your book, The Making of Us has helped me so much
    during my grief. I’m so glad I found it one day in Ollie’s. It’s done more for me than any grief book has even though that’s not what
    it was intended to do. This is my favorite book. I’ve bought copies for others going through any kind of disappointment, in life not
    going as planned. I recently ordered two more of your books and will be reading them soon. I can tell stories of how much this book has already
    impacted others I’ve shared it with. Your Creed is amazing and I’m getting a copy today, hopefully. Thank you very much for writing this book.
    It ministered to me in so many ways, and on so many levels. Gratefully–Louise

    • June 24, 2022

      Ah Louise, I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your husband. And I’m thrilled that the Making of Us has been helpful in the aftermath. Wow, as you’ve said, it’s not a grief book but is certainly about growing through such moments. What a joy to have had a little part in your story.

      If you had a moment to leave a review of the book on Amazon I’d be so grateful (it really does help others find the book). In the meantime, thank you for this encouragement.


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