Being Heard is the First Step to Healing

‘Being heard is the first step to healing.’ These words from Patrick Regan sum up well the TV conversation you’re about to see. Patrick is the CEO of Kintsugi Hope, a charity dedicated to championing mental health and wellbeing, and host of Honesty Over Silence, an interview series on TBN UK. This was an enjoyable chat that got deeper as it progressed. After exploring a little of Merryn’s and my story we discuss:

  • The two typical responses Christians have when life goes wrong (Merryn did one, I did the other)
  • Why there’s a time to let a dream die so you can move on to the next thing God has for you
  • The importance of sharing our emotions (particularly as men) and why a journal can be a good place to start
  • Why telling yourself to ‘man up!’ or ‘faith up!’ doesn’t work
  • How to begin to understand God’s role in suffering
  • How beautiful things can emerge from marrying your trial with your talent
  • And more…

Here’s the 28-minute episode. You can watch it on the TBN page direct.

Want More?

Merryn’s and my journey through childlessness is told in Resurrection Year and The Making of Us explores how to find new identity and purpose when life hasn’t gone as planned. Patrick’s latest book is Honesty Over Silence, which I was pleased to endorse. You might like these short videos too:

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