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Resurrection Year 3D (Main)

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An Anxious Woman in a Faded Floral Dress

George Bernard Shaw once said that if you want to see how a society thinks, look at what it searches for.

In this 6-part video series, filmed at the Living Stones Leaders Conference in Adelaide, May 2011, I explore social trends like Mind-Body-Spirit festivals, life coaching, voluntourism, ‘secular confessionals’ and more to suggest that four questions are bubbling up from the Australian soul which hint at a spiritual search.

The series looks like this:

  1. Introduction: Anxious Questions
  2. Question 1: In a materialistic world, where can I find meaning?
  3. Question 2: In a confusing world, where can I find guidance?
  4. Question 3: In a broken world, where can I find liberation?
  5. Question 4: In a lonely world, where can I find love?
  6. A Story

I’ll post a video in the series each day this week.

In this 6 minute introductory video I tell the story of a lady in an old floral dress who once asked me a most unusual question in a most unusual way! When you think about it, however, we’ve all asked a similar question ourselves.

I gave this keynote the day before leaving Australia to live in the UK, and was a little tired as I took to the podium. But those Adventist Schools Australia educational leaders who made up the audience were a most warm and gracious crowd.

You can watch more videos of mine here, or subscribe to my YouTube channel. The podcast of a similar address I gave at Australia’s Parliament House is also available, if you’d rather listen than watch.


Question: What signs do you see that ‘secular’ countries like the UK, US and Australia are spiritually searching? Tell me now 

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