Burnout Begins With Weariness. Here’s How to Stop it Going Further

man tired

There is a cost to giving. At it’s worst that cost is burnout—the emotional (and often physical) collapse of someone who has spent too long pouring out without filling up. Psychiatrist Robert Coles wrote about the hazards that come with a life of service and giving. It was the warning signs of burnout that really grabbed my attention. More…

Do You Need a ‘Fallow Year’? The Ancient Art of a Year of Rest

Man in hammock with feet up

‘You reap what you sow’ is a powerful principle describing the way much of life works. Plant a seed of goodness, kindness or faith, and a harvest of it will follow later. But the metaphor assumes the seed is sown into healthy soil. What if it’s not? What happens when we keep trying to get a harvest from an exhausted life? More…