Imagine for a moment that you’re a member of an organised crime ring with connections to corrupt city authorities. Imagine that you discover someone who knows your gang’s every deed—every scheme, every secret, every deal, all the money trails. One night you decide to round him up. He has to be silenced.

Winning the Christian Book of the Year award on its first Australian release, this unabridged recording of Unseen Footprints is perfect for listening on the go. Recorded in pristine quality, this MP3 download is available for immediate download and includes special guided reflection exercises.

TD Jakes' first church had 10 members. Today his Potter's House Church in Dallas, Texas sees over 30,000 attend its services each week. Jakes has been praised for his service to the poor, the imprisoned, the drug addicted and abused, but critics worry about his mansions and tailored suits, and whether his beliefs put him