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If you know a little of my and Merryn’s story, perhaps from reading Resurrection Year, you’ll know that for many years now there’s been something missing in our lives. An unmet longing. A space in our hearts we couldn’t fill. Well, Merryn and I have some news to share. After all these years of waiting and praying, wondering if it would ever happen, that missing something has come. Merryn and I are having…

… a puppy!

After twenty years’ wait, we brought our bundle of joy home on the weekend. Here are some pics of our first few days together. But a warning: the video at the end will bust your cuteometer.

Joy is a Cockapoo on Your Lap

Rupert Coming Home from the Farm

I celebrated a birthday last Friday. Over a nice dinner out, Merryn said she had plans for something special the following day. Saturday came and we were soon driving through the rolling fields of Oxfordshire. We pulled up at a farm. Maybe Merryn was taking me horse riding? We walked into the house. There in the kitchen we found a pen holding three Cockapoo pups. Who thought crossing a Poodle with a Cocker Spaniel could produce this level of gorgeousness? Forget the horse ride, gimme one of them things!

One pup had apricot fur and was the life of the party. Another was pitch black and playfully bit my fingers. The third was black with apricot feet, chest and beard, and very affectionate. When I picked him up he nuzzled into my neck. I didn’t stand a chance.

Rupert Looking up at Sheridan

Our bundle of joy is all of eleven weeks old. When we brought him home his fluffy little feet slid on the tiles, making it hard for him to stand. That meant lots of cuddles instead. But he’s come a long way in a few days. Now the smallest act is an opportunity for a game – walking to the kitchen, tying one’s shoes. And after a game comes a nap.

It’s taken just one sleepless night (so far) to get him settled in his bed. After only one two three four mishaps (so far) he now knows where all ablutions are to be done. This is one clever dog. 

The problem is, I’m not getting any work done.

Rupert and Sheridan on Couch

And His Name?

There’s a scene in Resurrection Year where Merryn and I sit on our couch eating a box of chocolates having a difficult conversation. Here’s how it goes:

‘Do you think,’ she says, a few tissues later, ‘we should consider adopting here?’

‘And start the process all over again?’ I say. ‘The stressful application, the lengthy wait? We’ve made so much progress. I don’t think I can face all that again.’

‘No,’ Merryn says with a sigh. ‘I probably can’t either.’ I hold her again and we each take another chocolate.

‘In that case,’ she says, ‘I want something else.’


‘A puppy.’

‘Me too,’ I say, and we laugh.

‘What should we call him?’

‘It needs to be a good English name,’ I say. ‘How about Rupert?’

‘Or Reginald?’

‘And he needs to be a scruffy dog. Let’s call him Rupert Reginald McScruffy.’

Rupert Reginald McScruffy portraitThat conversation happened five years ago. Some of you have emailed me since the book came out asking if we ‘ever got the dog’. Oh we wanted to. But first we had to move homes. Then we had to fix the fence. Then our neighbour had to fix his fence. Then there was a lot of travel. 

But the wait has been longer than that. We’ve wanted a dog for twenty years, but for most of our married life have lived in no-pets-allowed apartment blocks. And there were careers to pursue and cities to move to and seas to cross and… Finally we realised there would never be a perfect time. Just go and get the darn dog. And so we did.

And now we have Rupert Reginald McScruffy.

I think you’re going to love him.

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  • Nola Passmore

    LOL We have two cavoodles (poodle x King Charles cav) and they are fluffy and gorgeous like yours, but full of mischief. The youngest is still eating shoes after 3 years, so be warned. But they have lots of love to give and are so darn cute. Good luck.

    • OK thanks for the warning. Rupert has started chewing things these last couple of days.

      Got a pic of your dogs you can share? (You can post pics in these comments)

  • Meaghan Minkus

    PUPPYYYYYYY!!!!! <3 He's so fluffy I'm gonna die! Congrats, Sheridan and Merryn (and of course Rupert Reginald McScruffy Voysey)!

    • Meaghan Minkus

      Although what’s all this crap about “forget the horse ride,” hmmmm? 😉

  • Dave Perry

    Prediction: Due to Sheridan & Merryn’s global profile and the equally global anticipation of the answer to this mystery, Rupert Reginald McScruffy will now out-fame Lassie and Snoopy. Which will make him, of course, the most famous dog in the world.

    Likely scenario in the Oxford Market (or other well-peopled place):

    Tourist: “Excuse me, you’re Rupert Reginald McScruffy’s adoptive parents, re you not?”

    S & M: “Well, yes, actually. We are!” (smiling, blushing)

    Tourist: “And what are your names?”

    • Ha! Maybe there’ll be a corresponding upswing in Cockapoo puppy sales too. Want to go into business?

  • He’s absolutely adorable!! I firmly believe pets are a gift from the Lord. Enjoy your fluffy, furry ball of joy!!

    • Thanks Lisa! I took him to the vets for a vaccination yesterday and both staff and customers were besotted. Yes, adorable!

  • Linda Harding

    Let your love feast begin! 🙂 Gorgeous pup!

  • Jessica Collins

    Congratulations!!! That’s an awesome name too!!!

    • Calling him in public will be our only downfall: “Rupie Rupie Rupie!” All dignity is hereby gone.

  • Terry Coombe

    Congratulations, we have our labradoodle who has brought such joy into our lives! I wish you many many years of happiness! This is me with our little girl Nala
    m m

  • Kerrie Owen

    Is there such a thing as too much love?? Thats what Rupert Reginald McScruffy is going to get 🙂 Congratulations and enjoy!

    • I can hardly walk across the room without giving him a pat and a rub 🙂


  • Elle Raff

    Congratulations he is just adorable

  • He’s adorable! Many happy romps and walks and cuddles to all of you!

  • Linda

    So so cute ! Enjoy :))

  • Christina Piorkowski He’s so cute. My husband and I have a very similar story to yours and your wife’s. We’ve been married for 16 years and haven’t had children. We got a dog on our first anniversary and she was just the most precious little shi tzu, she was our baby, our child. She passed away in January of this year. We’ve since adopted a cat who is so great but I think I’m almost ready to add another pup in the mix again. Animals really are like children and they bring so much life and love into a home.

    • She looks like she had some good years, Christina. I can understand about the wait between pets – they rip out a bit of your heart when they leave us. The flip side of them being such gifts.

    • Now that is one fine looking feline. Beautiful! Not as nice as Rupert of course, but I could see them being friends 🙂

      • Yep, I’m considering putting him in Cat Vogue. 🙂 He has the best personality too – acts more like a dog than a cat which is great since I’m not normally a fan of dogs (Rupert may be an exception)

  • Reneê Hall

    LOL Sheridan! A year after we lost our Chazleigh, we got a puppy too! He has filled the gap in my heart (in a small way) and has certainly brightened up my days. I hope and pray that yours will do the same for both of you! Think of you often!

    • I’m with you. And Rupert is going above and beyond already in the happiness department.