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  • @FrontlineXian I thought a couple of the roles/accents a tad weak, but other than that was a great film.
    about 17 minutes ago
  • Watched the Emilio Estevez/Martin Sheen film The Way. Heard mixed things but enjoyed it. Makes me want to hit the pilgrimage trail again
    about 23 minutes ago
  • @edmund_weiner Thanks Edmund, it was a good trip, but great to be back. You doing ok?
    about 25 minutes ago
  • @DisabilityJ Glad to hear both!
    about 26 minutes ago
  • A day with my wife after a fortnight away. Reminded again that she is the only one I can truly, completely relax with
    about 2 hours ago
  • RT @pmphillips: Wondering where all the evangelical speakers are at #gb14 - a bit monochromatic or am I missing something?
    about 6 hours ago
  • Replay: The TD Jakes Interview #spirituality
    about 8 hours ago
  • @chrisinaber Oh dear! Yes, two nights of Misery would cure me too
    1 day ago
  • While I appreciate the choice on today's planes, I do miss the days when there was one inflight movie & watching it was a shared experience
    1 day ago
  • Replay: An Anxious Woman in a Faded Floral Dress #spirituality
    2 days ago

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Open House Volume 3 3D Cover540
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In this third volume of conversations drawn from Sheridan Voysey’s national Open House radio program, we read the stories of some of his most thought-provoking guests. Learn more.


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