Kingdom of God

Are You Running to False Places of Safety?

Girl Running

Our new puppy Rupert Reginald McScruffy is quite the celebrity: people stop us in the street, he’s got fans on social media, and now even the BBC wants to follow his progress. Yes, he’s gorgeous. But he does have his foibles; and one in particular that can teach us about what happens when we run to false places of safety. More…

God Has a Dream for the World. And There’s a Place for You in it

Girl daydreaming by Ratiu Bia, Unsplash

God has a dream for the world. We don’t know exactly what this dream will look like, but we’ve been given a glimpse: a world of healed wounds, of radiant beauty, of restored harmony, of peace, environmental restoration. And it’s a dream that can inspire our dreams too… More…