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036 The Problem with Kitsch Jesus

You’ll find him in Christian bookstores, on ‘Christian art’ sites and all over Facebook. He may hang on your friend’s lounge room wall, or even on your own. He is kitsch Jesus. But while he may remind us of how sweet and gentle he is, kitsch Jesus has a problem. Here he is in pictorial form. More…

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A Lesson on Courage (for BBC Radio 2)

Each week 16 million people listen to BBC Radio 2. Now, not all of them were listening when I joined early morning host Alex Lester on Easter Monday to present the long-running Pause for Thought segment, but a few were! I was asked to talk about courage. Here’s what I came up with. More…

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Look Beyond the Pain to the Victory

In the crumbling medieval church of North Yorkshire’s Mount Grace Priory stands a striking piece of artwork – the Madonna Of The Cross. Crafted by the sculptor Malcolm Brocklesby in 1996, the piece invites us to ask some hard questions about our lives and callings. More…

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The God of Surprises

How do you get the attention of a world that thinks it knows what Jesus is all about, when it is often only familiar with misconceptions? You do what Jesus did—you tell surprising, beguiling, captivating stories. A piece written for the #BigRead13 Lent event, with former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams. More…

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An Easter Parable

Imagine for a moment that you’re a member of an organised crime ring with connections to corrupt city authorities. Imagine that you discover someone who knows your gang’s every deed—every scheme, every secret, every deal, all the money trails. One night you decide to round him up. He has to be silenced.

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After the Wilderness, a New Beginning

What if the ‘wilderness’ seasons of life where there to make us into a new kind of person? What if the wilderness was a transition point to a new Promised Land, a new mission in life or a new beginning? A Lent reflection on recovering from broken dreams with God. More…

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