The Real Reason Beauty Leaves Us Breathless

photo by Dan Musat

The human heart craves beauty. It’s why we visit art galleries, gaze at photographs, seek out the window seat, give flowers to the sick. And it’s why I was so deeply overwhelmed one memorable day in the lagoon on Lord Howe Island… Natural beauty restores, refreshes, inspires. Here’s the reason. More…

Can You See all the Broken Beauty? (30 Photos)


Merryn and I have just returned from a holiday to southern Italy. It was a trip filled with both beauty and decay. Yet even in the decay a subtle beauty was found – a ‘broken beauty’ which can help us see our own lives in a new way. Here are 30 photographs to show you what I mean. More…

My Resurrection Year by Hannah Teoh [Photo Essay]

Hannah Teoh

‘I strongly felt that a visit to Kenya to see Caroline could be a consolation prize of sorts to help me discover another aspect of God. In October 2013, I had the opportunity to go to Nairobi for some project meetings. It was evident that I had to extend my trip to meet Caroline.’ More…

The Snow Falls in Oxford

University Gardens 15_530_SheridanVoysey-com

The snow has fallen early in Oxford this year, turning parts of the city into a silvery wonderland. (A short photo essay.) More…

Hearing the Whispers of God


God is calling us, trying to get our attention. But he rarely shouts to make himself heard. Instead, he whispers to us. Before we’ve even opened a Bible he has been drawing, beckoning, whispering. Will we stop to hear him? Will we even attempt to hear his voice? Here are four ways he whispers to us and how we can learn to listen. Episode 4 in the Unseen Footprints article and podcast series. More…

The Bittersweet Symphony of Life [Podcast]


Pain, pleasure, beauty and longing – could these and other human experiences be ‘whispers’ of God to us? Could God be trying to get our attention through them? I believe so and, if followed, those whispers can lead us to life’s most significant discovery.