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We all sense there’s more to life than this, but where is that ‘more’ to be found? More Than This is a podcast on life, faith and spirituality. Listen in to explore love, loss, pain, beauty, our quest to find meaning in life and where faith fits into it all, while hearing from some of the world’s most intriguing personalities.


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Music provided by Adam Fielding and Jason Donnelly. All rights reserved. My thanks to Hope Media for use of the Open House interviews used in this podcast.

059 Seven Ways God Might Be Speaking To You

Man and sky - 840x460

In Scripture we find God speaking through peals of thunder, pillars of cloud, flaming bushes, even donkeys. He used prophets, angels, the beauty of creation, the coming of Jesus. God is surely a communicating God.

But in the 21st century, how might we expect him to speak to us personally about our everyday, modern, Western lives?

Here are seven ways… More…

058 How to Hear God’s Voice – Three Keys

Listening To The Light by Derek Swanson

Life’s full of big questions. Should I marry? If so, who? Take that job? Buy that house? Is this the career for me? Which church is the right one? And which city should I settle in? If we believe there’s a God who cares and wants to guide our big decisions, we need to know how to hear his voice. Here’s some keys to get started. More…

Encore Episode: VeggieTales Creator Phil Vischer on Dreams, Loss and God

Phil_Vischer - Chicago Tribune image 2006

Phil Vischer was just 22 when he launched an animated kids show starring a cast of talking vegetables. That was 1989. Today, those talking veggies are the stars of the globally renowned VeggieTales series. In this interview Phil talks candidly about the rise and fall of his company, and the lessons he learned about dreams, success, failure and God. More…

Three Questions to Help Focus Your Life in 2016


If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been in a reflective mood as the New Year begins, contemplating all you’d like to achieve in 2016. I’ve spent the last few weeks pondering not just my goals for the year ahead, but re-thinking my life mission and what I’d like to achieve in my time on earth. Here’s three great exercises that can help you do something similar. More…

Encore Episode: What the Wise of Men of Christmas Tell Us About Spiritual Searching


The story of the Wise Men following a star to find the Christ child is one of the most retold stories at Christmas time. And for good reason. Beyond being a nice tale, it can be a paradigm for discovering a rich spiritual life. Many people have subscribed to my blog since this talk was first posted two years ago, so I share it again for you and the spiritual seekers in your life. More…

There is More to Them (and to You) Than You Realise


Frank Sinatra will forever be remembered for the song My Way, even though he hated it. The same thing happens to celebrities and politicians all the time as one song, controversy or policy failure becomes lodged in public memory. But there is more to them than that. And there is more to you than others see. In fact, there’s more to you than you can imagine. More…

057 The Resilient Life [Keynote Talk]

Resilient Life

It’s easy to feel insignificant in a world that values power and popularity. It’s easy to feel weak in a world with so much violence. In this keynote talk I share the stories of a KKK leader, a black preacher, a seventh-century farmhand, and one of my own humiliating moments (ouch!) to suggest that Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount is the ultimate guide to resilient living. When he’s in the picture the insignificant become blessed, the small become great, hate becomes love, and weakness becomes strength. More…

Redeeming Generation X (for BBC Radio 2)


Cynical, nihilist, commitment-phobic, dispassionate. Perhaps no age-group in history has had more negative labels attached to it than Generation X: that often ignored ‘middle child’ generation between the Baby Boomers and Millennials. As a Gen-Xer myself, I want to shout “We’re better than you think!” But as I share in this BBC Pause for Thought segment, while many Gen-X stereotypes are exaggerated, one in particular is true. Thankfully, however, there’s a remedy for it. More…

056 Radical Islam is Filling a Spiritual Void, But There’s an Even More Radical Alternative


According to research, most French Islamists come from non-religious families. They are former secularists who are drawn into jihadist religion searching for meaning and purpose for their lives and a grand cause to live for. This is a desire every human being has – a desire secular society fails to fulfill – which leaves jihadists and others free to fill the void. But there’s an even more radical way to meet this longing. More…

055 What ‘Turn the Other Cheek’ Means (and Doesn’t) in an Age of Terrorism


Friday’s horrific attacks in Paris, claimed by ISIS, have left us shocked, saddened, grieving for the 150 families who’ve lost loved ones, the hundreds more with loved ones injured, and scrambling for solutions to jihadist terrorism. I believe Jesus has something powerful to say to the problem, but his words need to be carefully understood before being applied. More…