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We all sense there’s more to life than this, but where is that ‘more’ to be found? More Than This is a podcast on life, faith and spirituality. Listen in to explore love, loss, pain, beauty, our quest to find meaning in life and where faith fits into it all, while hearing from some of the world’s most intriguing personalities.


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Music provided by Adam Fielding and Jason Donnelly. All rights reserved. My thanks to Hope Media for use of the Open House interviews used in this podcast.

065 Why You Should Keep a Journal (But NOT Every Day)

Writing in a journal

If you’re a journal-keeper from way back, you’ll probably nod in sage agreement at these 7 great benefits of journaling. But if you’re thinking “Oh, journaling? I tried that once but couldn’t keep it up”—then here are the reasons to give it another try. There’s also 8 tips to get you started, and a sneak peak into what I write about in my own journals… More…

Can You Be Born Again Through a Pair of Jeans? Plenty Of Us Think So

Stack of jeans in store

I saw an ad the other day. The headline read, ‘Be born again.’ It was for a plastic surgeon. It’s not the first time advertisers have promised eternal life. Levi’s jeans once did the same. And yet, science has proven what Jesus taught centuries ago: material things will never satisfy spiritual needs… More…

To Help a Friend with Depression, Here’s the Best Thing You Can Do

Girl, Melancholy - 840 x 460

When I was asked to speak on mental health for BBC Radio 2’s Pause for Thought segment, I consulted my brilliant Facebook community. They shared deeply and with insight on just how we can be more accepting of those who suffer this way. The starting point? See people as bigger than their illness… More…

064 A Miracle Story I Can Believe: Sean George Raised From the Dead

Hospital room

Miracles can be hard for the modern mind to accept. And I can be sceptical myself about ‘miracle’ stories. I’ve heard too many that proved to be bogus or didn’t last. But Dr Sean George’s story is remarkable. Medically documented and verified, it’s one miracle I can believe. And it happened through the power of one simple, little, silent, heartfelt prayer… More…

In Praise of Serendipity, God’s Sneaky Surprises

Mark Seton St Boltolphs Church & Landscape - 860

You know those happy coincidences or unexpected discoveries that take us by surprise? We call it serendipity. Not all serendipity is chance, accident or coincidence. A good deal of it is in fact divine. Like my miraculous little encounter as I stood, with aching legs and blistered feet, among the back pillars of Durham Cathedral… More…

063 The Day I Interviewed Megachurch Pastor Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen

Fans adore Joel Osteen’s positive-thinking sermons. Critics say he’s more self-help guru than gospel preacher. When I sat down with Joel at the 2009 Hillsong Conference, I met a meticulously styled man with a friendly smile and courteous spirit. I put the critics’ concerns to him, got some answers, left thinking well of Joel, but also with a bunch more questions. More…

Everything in This Cafe is Free—Just Like God’s Gifts

Two people having coffee

Imagine walking into a cafe, ordering a flat white and a piece of cake, sitting down at a table while they’re brought to you, and then, after enjoying your morning tea, you go to pay the bil… and discover there isn’t one. The coffee and cake is free—a gift to you from the cafe owners. And it will be free again tomorrow, and the next day. Such a place exists, and it reminds me of the very Easter message itself. More…

Guilty Pleasures: Should I Or Shouldn’t I?

Marzocco-Coffee - BLOG

When BBC Radio 2 asked me to talk about guilty pleasures, it wasn’t my obsession with 80s soul and funk music, or my tendency to eat Nutella from the jar, or the sneaky flavours I sometimes add to my coffee, that was my deepest concern. It was my habit of sitting in coffee shops for hours with journal & pen. Read on to find out why, and to explore with me those things that weigh on our conscience… as well as the things that really shouldn’t make us feel guilty at all. More…

062 How Your Words and Art Can Create Hope In A Broken World [Video]

Create Hope 1 840x460

In a world where there is brokenness and decay at every turn, how can Christians be a voice of hope? How can we ensure our words, messages, conversations and art bring hope that is inspiring yet practical at the same time? At the 2015 Premier Digital Conference, I spoke on the topic of creating hope, by comparing the works of three different artists: one who focusses on overt sentimentality, one who specialises in despair, and a third who uses redemption to turn the ugly into the beautiful. More…

061 Three Questions to Ask When God Seems Silent

Man sitting by lake

Although Merryn and I tried to start a family for 10 years, and sought God diligently the whole time, one of the most perplexing things about our journey was God’s silence. We heard him speak on other things during that time, but never on our pursuit of a family. It was hard. Biblical heroes experienced this struggle too. So if you’re facing the silence of God, you’re not alone. But just because God is staying silent, doesn’t mean he is absent. Here’s 3 helpful questions to ask yourself when the silence comes. More…