You Can Live Resiliently

Some days we wake to a world of crystal skies and bright possibilities. And other days it’s to rain pelting our windows and thunder rattling our roofs. How can we stay strong when the storms of life hit—when a spouse leaves, a client sues, unemployment strikes, or our dreams fail to come true? After facing my own fierce storm, I tried an experiment—reading Jesus’ famous speech, the Sermon on the Mount, every day for a month. That experiment continued a second month, then a third, as I discovered an invitation for weak people to become strong, little people to become great, and for us all to find a resilience that lines up with the latest research. Here I share with you what I found.

The Book

 Resilient 3D Cover (right-facing) Rich with stories and deep with insight, Resilient is a journey of 90 readings designed to recalibrate your callings, relationships, spiritual practices, and life choices—helping you to find resilience. 

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Speaking Topics

I speak regularly at conferences, churches, university chapels, retreats and other events around the world and would love to address yours with one of these topics:

The Resilient Life

Overcoming the Four Forces that Destroy Relationships

Recalibrate Your Life (3 to 5 day retreat)

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I am regularly in the media discussing these and related issues, having been featured on BBC Radio 2, Moody Radio, 100 Huntley Street, and many other print and broadcast outlets. I can speak on:

The four factors of resilience

Five practices for a resilient life

Overcoming the four forces that destroy relationships

Ten ways to simplify your life

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