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Seeking Fulfilment Through Your Career? Try This Instead

Work harder sign by Jordan Whitfield

What a gift it is to do work you love. To get paid for using your talents, and contribute to society. And since we spend so much of our lives working, it makes sense to seek a fulfilling career. But have we gotten things unbalanced? When work becomes our primary source of personal fulfilment—it leaves us vulnerable. More…

The One Question the Dalai Lama Couldn’t Answer. Can You?

The Dalai Lama giving a talk, pic by Bruce Bortin

I once went to hear the Dalai Lama give a public talk. He spoke on the importance of compassion, then took questions from the audience. The last question came from the MC: “Your holiness—what is the meaning of life?” The audience leaned in as he stared at the ground, quietly thinking about his answer… More…

The Disastrous Night That Changed My Life (FREE Audiobook Download)

Sheridan Voysey and Unseen Footprints Audiobook

It was late, the club was packed, and I was one of the featured DJs. The night would be both a disaster, and one that would change the course of my life. It’s just one of the many stories in my new audiobook of Unseen Footprints… Download your free chapters! More…