Truths to Hold When the Path Gets Tough: The Resilience Creed

Man sitting down praying

Some churches have statements of faith they adhere to, called creeds. But they’re often not the kind of thing we turn to in times of trial. So my author friend Tony Horsfal wrote his own: a courage-building ‘Resilience Creed’—one that expresses the kind of truths we can hold to in times of adversity and pain. More…

A Prayer for Disappointed Olympians (and the Rest of Us)

Tired Man by Mic445

Like me and probably like you, my friend Clare Chate watched a lot of the Rio Olympics. Moved by the public failures some of these athletes endured, she wrote this post and prayer—which I’m sure will prove helpful for all us non-athletes too…in fact, anyone who’s had a disappointment or a broken dream. More…

Need Some Inspiration? Here’s 6 Stories to Brighten Your Day

Woman in jeans sitting on bed with coffee, ipad, laptop, earphones

Children living on a rubbish dump in Paraguay turn trash into music… A mute girl learns to speak… A violent, paraplegic and emotionally scarred lady learns that she’s deeply loved… An antique-lover receives a vintage sewing machine from heaven… If you need some encouragement today, these 6 stories are a great place to start. More…