Here is a sample of the feedback leaders and meeting planners have provided on my speaking. You can also find a list of my current speaking topics here.

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There are very few interviewers who have done their homework, thought hard in advance, have the ability to make the interviewee feel at ease, and ask perceptive and probing questions. Sheridan is one such—he possesses remarkable gifts as a broadcaster, and his ministry bears much fruit.
Jeremy Begbie
Thomas A. Langford Research Professor, Duke Divinity School

Sheridan combines an ability to understand complex ideas with a talent for communicating them in a concise, colourful and entertaining way. He is a skilled interviewer and thinker, and a true professional. I highly recommend him.
Mal Fletcher
Chairman, 2020Plus

Sheridan shared a powerful, relevant message at our national educator’s conference this year. He inspired our leaders to engage with their communities and enhance the ‘temperature’ of society by providing meaning, purpose and direction. He is a gifted communicator.
Daryl Murdoch
National Director, Adventist Schools Australia

Sheridan Voysey is an innovator, an entrepreneur, and an excellent commentator on our times.
Mark McCrindle
Social Researcher, McCrindle Research

I admire Sheridan’s amazing ability to conduct deep and insightful interviews by cutting through the superficial and getting to the heart of an issue. He is always respectful of his guest and displays great empathy, so they trust him and open up to him. I’ve enjoyed every show I’ve heard Sheridan do.
Ken Duncan

Sheridan Voysey is not afraid to push the boundaries. He constantly lifts the bar. He manages to blend radical thinking with a gracious manner in such a way that he takes people outside their comfort zones without them realising it. He excels as both a writer and a speaker. He can communicate with non-Christians and he can challenge mature Christians. If envy was not a sin, his smooth radio voice would be something to envy. Sydney will miss him.
Barry Chant
Author and teacher

On behalf of executives from across the Christian education sector, it is with deep gratitude that I thank you for your Dinner Address at our 2009 National Policy Forum at Parliament House, Canberra. Your understanding of how people experience faith and are touched by the Holy Spirit in the most ordinary tasks of daily life was refreshing and inspiring.
Stephen O’Doherty
CEO, Christian Schools Australia; former NSW Minister for Education

The interviews I have done with Sheridan rate among my favourites. He turns an interview into a conversation—a rare & wonderful talent—and I have always walked away with a renewed sense of purpose and a deeper understanding of why I do what I do.
Nathan Tasker

Sheridan is a gifted communicator, both as a speaker and a writer. His creativity is remarkable—consistently weaving words together that winsomely present the wisdom found in God’s Word. I, along with all of our worldwide community at ourdailyjourney.org, have been truly blessed by his work.
Tom Felten
Managing Editor, RBC Ministries

You know what I really like about Sheridan? His ability to loving probe. With a unique combination of natural curiosity, innate respect and thorough research, his interviews, more often than not, lead to insight, revelation and authenticity. And these are things that I truly believe can change the world. Yep, Sheridan Voysey is a world changer!
Cameron Semmens
Poet, Performer

Thank you for your support in making Fuel a huge success. You have been the most dynamic speaker we have ever had and I can assure you that you’ve touched the lives of many people.
Karl Klose
Director, Fuel Conference, Lutheran Youth of Australia

It was an absolute pleasure to have Sheridan speak at the EDGE Conference. God used his lucid communication, creative nature and engaging humour to open our eyes to the spiritual hunger of our nation today, and to the One who alone can satisfy.
Marten Ataalla
Director, EDGE Conference

Whether at the microphone broadcasting, on the platform speaking, or behind the computer screen writing, Sheridan’s comments and views are reflective, insightful and practical in living out your faith amid today’s cultural complexity.
Peter Murphy
CEO, Christian Super

Sheridan delivered the keynote address at our Foundations fundraising dinner. His preparation was outstanding and his presentation flawless. Sheridan’s personable manner and smooth delivery ensured connection with his audience, while his relevance and application guaranteed he would be remembered! He was a perfect choice for our function, and will certainly be first on our list for future events.
Michael Chant
CEO, 107.9 Life FM Adelaide

Sheridan has proven to be an excellent communicator through both his book Unseen Footprints and as a public speaker. Sheridan did a wonderful job of both challenging and encouraging our volunteers at our State Conference as the keynote speaker. Sheridan uses imagery in his speaking and writing that engages his audience while also provoking thought and reflection through his passion to see people connect with God.
Peter Barney
State Director, Scripture Union WA

Under Sheridan’s leadership and expertise, our annual Compassion Day event saw double the amount of radio stations taking part and the highest number of children released from poverty ever. He is a skilful writer, speaker and broadcaster who has a distinct ability to understand the times in which we live and communicate a relevant and inspiring message into them.
Paul O’Rourke
Former CEO, Compassion Australia

Sheridan brought direction and entertainment to our World Vision donor appreciation events. Professional yet personal, humorous yet sensitive to the human problems our organisation deals with, Sheridan closes the gap between audience and presenter, bringing warmth and insight to the role of Speaker or MC.
Mike Pattison
Former WA State Manager, World Vision Australia

Sheridan is an articulate and engaging communicator. He has a heart of compassion and a unique style of delivering the message of hope to many people. Sheridan interviews speakers and authors with great insight. I am thankful for the support and encouragement Sheridan has given towards the work of Opportunity International Australia.
Dushan Jeyabalan
Former WA State Manager, Opportunity International Australia

Praise for Unseen Footprints

Unseen Footprints will open your eyes to the God who is already present in your life and in this amazing world of ours. It invites us along a path of grace, true vocation and transformation
Tim Costello
CEO, World Vision Australia

… a charming book brimming with evocative stories and subversive parables that coax us into the complex search for meaning.  As a guide he manages to be spiritual without being religious and reflective without being sentimental—an artful little gem.
Alan Hirsch
Author, The Forgotten Ways

Through a delightful examination of movies, social trends, personal conversations and natural wonders, Sheridan Voysey leads us on a journey to discover God’s unseen footprints in our lives.
Michael Frost
Author, Seeing God in the Ordinary, co-author The Shaping of Things to Come

Praise for Open House

A very wise man told me many years ago the key to good radio: ‘always be good company for the audience’. After nearly four decades in broadcast media, I’m convinced he’s right. More than most other programs in Australia, Sheridan Voysey’s Open House has that connection. It’s personal, it’s powerful and rich with real stories of real people—great company.
Leigh Hatcher
Sky News

Open House is informative, challenging, sometimes funny, sometimes sad, always enlightening. As a devoted listener I particularly enjoy Sheridan’s interpretations of current issues and every day events, as well as the constant flow of amazing and diverse guests.
Lynne McGranger
Actress, Home and Away

There was a quality of grace and warmth in Sheridan’s manner that I greatly appreciated, and that I’ve experienced on only a few other programs.
Jeffrey Overstreet
Author, ChristianityTodayMovies.com columnist

… every show explores questions that I’m personally asking, while making me aware of issues I haven’t previously considered… I wish it were daily!
Jason Stevens
Author, Speaker and TV host