Here are some additional articles, videos, podcasts and tools to help you explore the content of our retreat further.


Session 1: Called to Be Present

Three Keys to Hearing God’s Voice

Seven Ways God Might Be Speaking to You

How to Do a Mini-Pilgrimage


Session 2: Called to Grow

Rick Lewis’s Emotional Health exercise

Our Daily Bread daily devotional online


Breath Prayer

(Based on Galatians 5:22-23)


Lord, fill me with your Holy Spirit.


I receive your love,

and release my bitterness

I receive your joy,

and release my unhappiness

I receive your peace,

and release my anxiety

I receive your patience,

and release my impulsiveness

I receive your kindness,

and release my indifference

I receive your goodness,

and release my ungodliness

I receive your faithfulness,

and release my disloyalty

I receive your gentleness,

and release my severity

I receive your self-control,

and release my self-indulgence


Session 3: Called to Be Loved

Psalm 139 (Message) for reflective reading

The Awe and Wonder Walk

Why You Should Try a Social Media Fast


Session 4: Called to Love

Caroline J Simon, The Disciplined Heart (book)

Imagine Your Funeral

Write Your Life into a Short Story


Session 5: Called to Redeem

Marry Your Trial with Your Talent

The Creed (video and downloadable print)