Remembering Ron Sider: 7 Key Interviews

Prolific author, theologian and activist Ron Sider has died, aged 82. He was the founder of Christians for Social Action, a think-tank focussed on biblical solutions to social and economic problems, as well as Professor of Theology, Holistic Ministry and Public Policy at Palmer Theological Seminary Pennsylvania. His most well-known book is Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger, considered one of the most influential religious books of the 20th century.

I interviewed Sider many times over the years, and he wrote a kind endorsement for my book Resilient. I’ve benefited greatly from his biblically reflective approach to solving social problems, his boldness and integrity, and his dogged drive to transcend Left/Right politics to choose the best path forward. The world will be the worse without his voice but we thankfully have his books to grow from. Here are seven key conversations I had with Sider during my Open House days, provided by Hope Media. Expect to be provoked to love your neighbour in new and radical ways.

Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger

A probing look at western affluence and the world’s poor

Thinking Biblically About Politics

Wisdom on how Christians should and shouldn’t engage politics (recorded in 2010)

Simple Living Series

Episode 1: What the Bible says about money

Episode 2: How materialism impacts us and the world

Episode 3: Tips on spending and consuming less

Episode 4: Living as a community

Episode 5: Guidance on giving to aid organisations


Ron Sider’s books

Christians for Social Action

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