The Power of Story in a Digital Age

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How can we harness the power of story in a digital age? Here are some additional articles, videos, podcasts and books you might find helpful to compliment my keynote.

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On Storytelling and Creative Communication

Video: Bobette Buster, The Arc of Storytelling

Video: Jeffrey Overstreet, The How of Storytelling

Audio: Sheridan Voysey, How to Write Your Memoir

Audio: Sheridan Voysey, A Basket Full of Stars (on the process of creativity)

Audio: Sheridan Voysey, my BBC Radio 2 spots

Article/Audio: Sheridan Voysey, An Easter Parable (example of parable writing)

Article: Sheridan Voysey, Jesus Comes to Warrington (example of parable writing)

Article: Sheridan Voysey, Jesus Meets Crystal in a Cafe (example of parable writing)

Book: Donald Miller, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years

On Human Longings

A conversation on longings with the Centre for Public Christianity

Video: Sheridan Voysey, Four Questions on the Nation’s Soul (6 part video series)

Audio: Sheridan Voysey, Four Questions on the Nation’s Soul (original keynote at Australia’s Parliament House)

Book: Sheridan Voysey, Unseen Footprints (in which I have a chapter on the topic)

Article: Sheridan Voysey, The Meaning of Life: 4 Options

Article: Sheridan Voysey, Who Are Today’s Secular Priests? 

On Cultural Engagement

Listening to the Soul of Your Community seminar recorded at London Institute for Contemporary Christianity

Audio: Interview with Andy Crouch, author of Culture Making

Book: Andy Crouch, Culture Making

Book: Michael Goheen, Craig Bartholomew, Living at the Crossroads

Book: William Romanowski, Eyes Wide Open

Book: Kevin Vanhoozer (ed), Everyday Theology

Book: James Sire, The Universe Next Door


The writer shapes story around a perception of what’s worth living for and what’s worth dying for, what is foolish to pursue, the meaning of justice, truth – the essential values. In decades past, writer and society more or less agreed on these questions, but more and more ours has become an age of moral and ethical cynicism, relativism, and subjectivism – a great confusion of values.

As the family disintegrates and sexual antagonisms rise, who, for example, feels he understands the nature of love? And how, if you do have a conviction, do you express it to an evermore skeptical audience?

The erosion of values has brought with it a corresponding erosion of story.

Robert McKee, Story

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