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How Express Checkouts Are Making Us Weak, & Other Discoveries

Six months ago I released a little book called Resilient: Your Invitation to a Jesus-Shaped Life. It’s about how Jesus’ famous Sermon in the Mount is actually a guidebook to resilient living. Since then the audiobook has been released, a free study guide too (go get it!), and the Resilient DVD will be out soon. I’ve also had the joy of speaking at events and in the media about the book’s message. Here is one of those conversations.

Clare Chate is many things: a wife, a journalist, a musician, and the creative wiz behind Hope 103.2’s brilliant website. She’s also my former producer and a good friend. When she suggested we do this video interview on Resilient, it was a fun reversal of roles and an opportunity for me to face some great questions – about pain and loss of identity, the ‘Aha!’ moments that turned them around, and how we can all stumble into strength.

The Interview Highlights:

Macys Express Lane

Photo: ‘Macy’s Christmas 2015’, Alex LiivetCC BY 2.0

Clare and I cover a range of things in this short interview. Here are some highlights with time markers:

01:15 The experiment that led to my ‘Aha’ moment about the Sermon on the Mount

03:45 The surprising comprehensiveness of Jesus’ teaching

06:25 Rebuilding my identity on a stronger foundation

08:45 Jesus’ acceptance of those who limp

10:30 How express checkout lanes are making us weak

12:15 How psychology is catching up with Jesus’ insights on strength

16:15 How your trials uniquely place you to help others

19:20 Turning your pain into wisdom and your wisdom into resilience

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You can see Clare’s larger article on our chat here. While we’re at it, here are some other select media conversations you may find helpful:

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And Coming Soon: The Resilient DVD!

Sheridan Voysey 2015 11_530wFilmed in a funky warehouse in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, this 6-session DVD has additional material to help you reflect further on the Resilient message, and use it in a small group or as a sermon series. Due out in the US mid-June and in other countries mid-September.

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