Just before I left Australia for the UK I was privileged to be interviewed by Simon Smart at the Centre for Public Christianity. In this short 7 minute video Simon asks me about my time hosting Open House, in particular: some of my favourite interview guests, a surprising guest, guests who displayed unusual wisdom and

Friends, I may not have been fully up-front with you. Yes, I’m moving to the UK. But the real reason why is this: the end of the world is coming. It’s coming soon and I'm hoping Britain fairs better than Australia! According to US radio preacher Harold Camping, the final Judgement begins on May 21

My colleagues have just honoured me with a service award for my 'contribution to Australian Christian broadcasting'. Many people have invested their time and energies into me over the years, and it is from them that I learn an important lesson: when success, awards and recognition come give thanks for those who have been a

On Sunday March 27, 2011, I handed over the Open House radio show to its new host, veteran journalist and Sky News presenter Leigh Hatcher. As this video shows, the moment marked a new beginning for me, for Leigh, and for the Open House program. The night was filled with laughter, lessons, gifts, tears and

I remember the night the idea of the Open House show was conceived. I was sitting by the Brisbane River, sometime in 1995. I dreamt of a show that explored life and faith with authors, artists and activists; a show with a national audience and live music. The dream became a reality. That's why I'm

After months of planning, designing and tweaking, I'm excited to welcome you to my new blog on life, faith and contemporary spirituality. You'll find articles to read, book chapters to download, talks and interviews to listen to, videos to watch, and more. I'm even giving books away for FREE!