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I started the More Than This podcast to explore life, faith and spirituality with you through inspirational spots, intriguing interviews, and how-to episodes on living life deeply. To be honest, due to writing and other demands this year, I haven’t been able to give the podcast the attention I’ve wanted. But that hasn’t stopped it ticking over 50,000 downloads last week! Here are the most popular episodes, and some you may have missed. You can find every episode here. Listen and download to your heart’s content!

The Top 10

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1. Rethinking Celibacy for the Single Christian: Listen | Read the post

2. Six Tests for a God-Given Dream: Listen | Read the post

3. What ‘Turn the Other Cheek’ Means (and Doesn’t) in an Age of Terror: Listen | Read the post

4. The Problem with Kitsch Jesus: Listen | Read the post

5. One Hilarious Chat with Adrian Plass: Listen | Read the post

6. The Nicky Cruz Interview: Listen | Read the post

7. Seven Ways God Might Be Speaking to You: Listen | Read the post

8. The Nick Vujicic Interview: Listen | Read the post

9. When Do You Let a Dream Die? Listen | Read the post

10. The Day I Interviewed Megachurch Pastor Joel Osteen: Listen | Read the post

Other Popular Episodes

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1. A Miracle Story I Can Believe In: Sean George: Listen | Read the post

2. Why You Should Keep a Journal (But NOT Every Day): Listen | Read the post

3. Four Ways to Have a Resurrection Year: Listen | Read the post

4. Overcoming the Four Forces That Destroy Relationships: Listen | Read the post

5. Need More Friendships? Here Are Four Things That Make Them Rich Listen | Read the post

You can find all my interviews here, all my BBC Radio 2 spots here, and my talks here

Free Audiobook Downloads

These have been popular too

unseen-footprints-audiobook-3d-cover-files-right-facing-540w Download the first three chapters of the award-winning book FREE:

Listen / Right-click to download | Get the whole audiobook

resilient-audiobook-3d-cover-right-facing Download a week’s worth of daily inspiration FREE:

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How to Subscribe

Podcasts are a great way to get inspired and use travel or exercise time well. And it’s so easy to subscribe and get them delivered straight to your phone or inbox. Here’s how:

In Your Inbox

Subscribe to my blog posts by email here. You’ll get all podcasts sent straight to you as they happen (and you’ll get a free ebook too!)

On Your Phone

1. Install an App

There are many podcast apps on the market but I’ve found these FREE options more than adequate. From within your device open one of these links to install:

Apple: The Podcasts App for iPhone and iPad

Android: The Podkicker App for Android phones and tablets

Apple/Android: The Stitcher App is good also

2. Search

Once you’ve installed the app on your device search for ‘Sheridan Voysey’ and find the More Than This podcastOr click this iTunes link.

3. Subscribe

Hit ‘subscribe’ and you’ll have each episode waiting for you as it’s released.

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