011 Being Heard in a Secular World [Podcast/Video]

Update: This post has been updated with a more recent video recorded at the 2014 Christian New Media Conference. You can find the original EA video here.

A fascinating experiment has been taking place in Australian Christian radio. The result is that between 40-70% of the audience listening to these stations have no connection with church. In this video and podcast, I outline the four commitments that drove the Open House show I and the Hope Media team created in 2006 to engage this ‘spiritual but not religious’ crowd on matters of faith. If you’re interested in communicating faith to a secular world, these four ideas might help you too.

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Question: What qualities help you listen to some else’s point of view? Tell me now.

This TED-style presentation was the closing keynote at the 2014 Christian New Media Conference (and was presented previously for the Evangelical Alliance’s Relevant Gospel event). Using clips from interview guests and callers, I outline the four commitments Open House was, and continues to be, built on.

  1. We Will Be Missional: The show would not be about ‘us’ (the church) but about them (the world). We wouldn’t get absorbed in church matters but explore the issues faced by our listeners. However, the show wouldn’t just about ‘them’, but about Him. We wouldn’t be merely entertainment and inspiration, but aim to allow God’s voice to be heard through each show.
  2. We Will be Credible. The show would be credible through excellence (creating the best show possible), through expertise (finding the most qualified guests to address an issue) and through fairness (giving space for our critics).
  3. We Will be Holistic. We wouldn’t just address ‘hot’ topics but bring the whole of the gospel to bear on the whole of life, including what the gospel has to say about the re-creation of culture, the re-fashioning of society, as well forgiveness and the transformation of the individual.
  4. We Will be Hospitable. We would create a safe place where everyone was welcome. The deepest longing of the human heart is to be listened to. Create a safe space, take people seriously and treat them with empathy, and people will share their lives. (Make sure you hear the audio clips for this point)

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Question: What qualities help you listen to some else’s point of view? Tell me now.



  • June 22, 2013
    Eric Kimori

    Awesome insights, deep and relational. The four points you have outlined can truly be effectively used to send millions of souls to heaven using the digital platforms God has made available to us. In Kenya, this poses a huge challenge as churches and pastors struggle to come to terms with either continuing to use traditional means of evangelism or to embrace the dynamic digital strategies to reach out to a generation that is experiencing a fast cultural meltdown.

    • June 24, 2013

      Glad to hear these ideas have more universal appeal. Thanks Eric.


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