010 The Wisdom of Staying Home. An Interview with Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove [Podcast]

In a world where travel is affordable, jobs are disposable and overseas friends are just a mouse-click away, it’s easy to become lured by the greener grass of ‘elsewhere’, thinking that our fulfillment lies in the next job we take, house we buy, church we visit, or relationship we begin. According to Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, however, all this moving means we’re missing out on one of God’s best gifts: the gift of stability. 

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Question: How many times have you moved house? What have you lost or gained from that? Tell me now.

If there’s one message I don’t want you to get from Resurrection Year it’s that you have to leave home to start again. Yes, part of Merryn’s and my Resurrection Year meant moving from Australia to the UK. But, we did that only after reading Jonathan’s book The Wisdom of Stability to make sure we weren’t running from our problems. His core message that we should live in a community as if we we’re never going to leave is an important one. In this interview we explore:

  • How a culture of searching can lead to perpetual frustration
  • What the gift of stability is and where it’s found
  • The importance of long-term rootedness in community
  • Balancing an ambition to travel with a commiment to community
  • When it’s OK to move
  • What all this means for the travelling sales person, musician or minister


  • ‘The most important thing most of us can do to grow spiritually is to stay in the place where we are’ Tweet this
  • ‘Ambition tempts us to forsake the mundane for the sake of new opportunities’ Tweet this
  • ‘We learn to dwell with God by learning practices of hospitality, listening, forgiveness & reconciliation – daily tasks of life with other people’ Tweet this
  • ‘Stability in Christ is always stability in community’ Tweet this

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Question: How many times have you moved house? What have you lost or gained from that? Tell me now.


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