009 Our Journey of Infertility, Adoption and IVF

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Now that Resurrection Year is released, the secret is out. The ‘broken dream’ I’ve been mentioning these last few months is that Merryn and I have never been able to have children. In this video and podcast I tell our story of infertility, IVF, and attempted adoption, and how we were able to start again after bringing the dream of a family to an end.

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In the Talk

Question: Have you experienced infertility? Tell me your story now.

This video was recorded at a sales conference for my publishers, Thomas Nelson, in Nashville late last year. I was a little jet-lagged while presenting but was told there were few dry eyes in the audience afterwards. One broken dream triggers the memory of another, doesn’t it?

In this talk I cover:

  • Our 10 year journey trying to start a family
  • The point we decided to quit
  • How the Resurrection Year idea came about
  • How we began to reconcile with God

Special Announcements

  1. Resurrection Year is out! Watch last Tuesday’s webcast, read a FREE chapter, read the moving Amazon reviews, and buy the book!
  2. I’m currently doing dozens of radio and magazine interviews about the book across the the US, UK and Australia. If you are interested in me speaking to your audience tell me here.
  3. I will be doing an Australian speaking tour in October. If you would like to have me speak about Resurrection Year at your church or conference, please tell me about your event.

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Question: Have you experienced infertility? Tell me your story now.


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  • July 4, 2017

    It was a long road of trying—and losing—before we explored IVF. Most of my pregnancies (there have been many) self-terminated before the eight-week mark. After tests, we realized I carry a chromosomal abnormality, which was likely why babies we produced naturally weren’t developing as they should. IVF with preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) was our only option if I wanted to become pregnant with my own healthy child and carry it to term. We ended up with Biotexcom clinic. Well I can’t say that all was great but completely fine. I mean from medical point of view all was on high level, but I can’t say so about service. There were so many people and were like tiny shells in the ocean. However, we got positive results there. I’m not sure there’s anything anyone could have told me to help prepare me—there are the injections and medications, then several appointments for blood tests and ultrasounds, and it’s physically exhausting and painful. But just being able to talk to someone about it is helpful. Everyone I know who’s gone through IVF has had their own unique experience. I wish I’d been more open to talking about it during the first round.

    • July 12, 2017

      You’re so right, Sierra – talking it out with someone who will listen deeply and confidentially helps in this journey so much. I’m so sorry you’d had to walk this path, but glad you’ve gotten your hoped-for outcome.


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