002 Following God into the Unknown

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The African Impala is a deer-like animal that can jump to great heights, yet be contained in any zoo enclosure with just a one metre high wall. Why? Because it won’t jump if it can’t see where it’s feet will land. That’s like many of us: we won’t take a risky leap of faith unless we know beforehand where we’ll end up, and so we rarely experience the adventure that life with God is meant to bring.

In this talk, recorded at a community dinner held by St Phillips Christian College in Newcastle, Australia, for staff, students, parents and civic leaders, I retell the story of Abraham’s call to an ‘unknown land’, weaving in some personal experiences of my own to offer some lessons on what it means to hear the voice of God, walk by faith and live a life of adventure.

It’s funny… when you’re asked to speak somewhere you hope you’ll bring something beneficial to your audience. But since this talk was recorded I’ve moved from Australia to the UK, and I’ve found myself in need of this message personally. I’m having to put my (easy) words into (risky) practice once more.

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Listener Question

  • Rowena in Sydney: When you follow God into a new venture, how do you transition financially? Share your wisdom with Rowena in the comments section.

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  • Book: I share more about my nightclub ventures in Unseen Footprints
  • Book: Fresh Wind Fresh Fire by Jim Cymbala. A brilliant book on prayer.

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Question: How have you learnt to put fear aside and ‘leap’ towards a new and unknown future? How did you finance it? Leave a comment now.

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