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  • @hardiemike No, I haven't. Must check it out
    about 59 minutes ago
  • RT @Tanya_Marlow: Really excited to have @sheridanvoysey (of Radio 2 fame) telling his God and Suffering story today - on broken dreams htt…
    about 7 hours ago
  • The arms are waiting outstretched, with scars on each wrist. All that’s waiting now is our return >> #spirituality
    about 9 hours ago
  • RT @pennycarey63: @Tanya_Marlow @sheridanvoysey Thanks for this we followed a similar journey. Waiting for a "resurrection year" after long…
    about 9 hours ago
  • Wish I could blog like @Tanya_Marlow: full of depth & pathos. Priveleged to be featured today talking new beginnings
    about 9 hours ago
  • @pennycarey63 @Tanya_Marlow I'm so sorry to hear you've walked a similar path, Penny. Do know you're not alone & let us know if we can help
    about 9 hours ago
  • I got a lot out of Pete Enns' biblical commentary on Exodus. Sounds like his new book isn't quite so strong
    about 10 hours ago
  • Rich life & love lie just beyond our reach. How do we grasp them? My @BBCRadio2 spot on finding Something More
    about 11 hours ago
  • Replay: What Happens When You Die? he asked (Part 1) #spirituality
    about 18 hours ago
  • My @BBCRadio2 spot this morning: When we realise we need Something More than our careers & relationships
    about 23 hours ago

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Resurrection Year 3D (Main)

My Other Books

  • Unseen Footprints 2011 3D Cover_540w       
  • Unseen Footprints UK-US Edition 3D Cover_540w       
  • Open House Volume 3 3D Cover540       
  • Open House Volume 2 3D Cover540       
  • Open House Volume 1 3D Cover540       

Book Excerpts

Unseen Footprints: Free Chapters (UK-US Edition)

Could we have had encounters with the divine that we haven’t yet recognised as such? Could God be written into the drama of our lives as if played by a secondary character or an extra that we haven’t paid much attention to?

Through stories, vivid metaphors and compelling graphic design, Unseen Footprints walks through pain, yearning and doubt, highlighting the ways God whispers to us through creation, beauty and people.

Take a read of the Introduction and Chapter 1. Unseen Footprints won the 2006 Christian Book of the Year Award.

About Sheridan Voysey

I am a writer, speaker and broadcaster on faith and spirituality. Please subscribe to get my articles and podcasts in your inbox! And let's connect via Facebook, Twitter and
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